Spanish word for Angry

The Spanish translation for the word “angry” is “enojado”.

How to pronounce “enojado” in Spanish:

Sounds like – ay-no-hah’-do -or- ay-no-hah’-dah

Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Practice the Spanish translation for “angry” using these sentences:

Example 1:
He is angry because she is late

El está enojado porque ella está retrasada

Example 2:
My son  was angry at his friend

Mi hijo estaba enojado con su amigo

Example 3:
Please don’t be angry; it was a mistake

Por favor no te enojes; fue un error

Example 4:
The coach was angry at his team

El entrenador estaba enojado con su equipo.

¿Qué te hace enojar?



La gente que dice mentiras, me hace enojar.

People who tell lies, makes me angry

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