Spanish word for Asparagus

The Spanish word for “asparagus” is “espárrago”.

How to pronounce “espárrago” in Spanish:

Sounds like – es-par’-rah-go

Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Practice the Spanish translation for “asparagus” using these sentences:

Example 1:
I don’t like the taste and texture of asparagus.

No me gusta el sabor ni la textura de los espárragos.

Example 2:
I like asparagus tips on my salad.

Me gustan las puntas de espárrago en mi ensalada.

Example 3:
Asparagus are expensive.

Los espárragos son caros.

Example 4:
Be careful, don’t overcook the asparagus!

¡Ten cuidado de no sobrecocer los espárragos!

Which vegetable do you dislike the most?



No me gusta el Brocoli
I dont like brocoli at all.

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