Spanish word for Backpack

The Spanish word for “backpack” is “mochila”.

How to pronounce “mochila” in Spanish:

Sounds like – mo-chee’-lah

Listen to the audio pronunciation:

Practice the Spanish translation for “backpack” using these sentences:

Example 1:
I want to buy a black backpack.

Quiero comprar una mochila negra.

Example 2:
I have to prepare my backpack to go camping.

Debo preparar mi mochila para ir de campamento.

Example 3:
Next school year I’ll need a bigger backpack.

El próximo año escolar necesitaré una mochila más grande.

Example 4:
My backpack is too heavy.

Mi mochila es muy pesada.

What do you carry inside a backpack?


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llevo mi portátil en mi mochila : I carry my laptop in my backpack

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