Spanish word for Beans

The Spanish word for “beans” is “frijoles”. In some countries they are also called “alubias” or “judías”.

How to pronounce “frijoles” in Spanish:

Sounds like – free’-hol-es

Listen to the audio pronunciation:



Practice the Spanish translation for “beans” using these sentences:

Example 1:
Beans are rich in iron.

Los frijoles son ricos en hierro.

Example 2:
I like pinto beans with my tacos.

Me gustan los frijoles pintos con mis tacos.

Example 3:
I like to cook my own beans, I don’t like them canned.

Me gusta cocinar mis propias judías, no me gustan enlatadas.

Example 4:
Beans are a basic ingredient in Mexican food.

Los frijoles son un ingrediente básico de la comida mexicana.

Do you know the Spanish word for “green beans”?

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